The PSC Beginnings - Some Memories

We saw small Swiss flags as we passed Rick's Swiss Chalet one evening in 1961, so we entered. The first club meeting was in progress, presided over by Arnold Fuchs. We immediately joined the club, and we have been members ever since, holding numerous committee positions, including one term as president. We wonder what has happened to Arnold, Hans Asper and Max Forrer, some of the early promoters.
Bob and Betty Reber

When I think back to the beginning of the PSC, Arnold Fuchs comes first to my mind. He often talked about starting a club for his many Swiss friends whose names and addresses he has collected. I offered to help him, and we discussed possible names for the club. Arnold, who was an artist, designed the letterhead, membership cards and the header for the newsletter. When everything was ready, we planned the December 1961 Samichlaus Obig, our first event. Many Swiss attended, and we discussed the formation of a club. The first formal event was a dinner dance at a restaurant in the Redwood City area. The room was dark, the piped music never worked, and the food was mediocre. On departure, we noticed all kind of unsavory things going



on in the parking lot. As it turned out, the place was a flophouse. We had some unhappy members that night.

The next event was the Easter Egg Hunt in Los Altos Hills, at the estate where Arnold lived. It was a glorious day, and many families attended. In a blooming apricot orchard, the children were hopping through the yellow mustard flowers, hunting for the eggs. An Eiertuetsche competition ensued, and everyone had a good time. This successful event was true beginning of the Peninsula Swiss Club. Many exiting events followed: ski weekends at Mount Rose and Bear Valley (called Mount Reba in those days), Sylvesterobige, dances at Rick's Swiss Chalet, outdoor wine tasting with kids, dancing and fortune wheel at Weibel's Champagne winery in Fremont, and many hikes. Saturday morning tennis at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto was customary, and an auto rally was organized by some of our engineers. Our finances were often in the red, until we decided to form a committee with a treasurer to collect annual dues. I am very happy to see that the club is still as vibrant as it was in those early days.
Annemarie Rosengreen

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