Family BBQ and Semi-Annual Meeting 2010

By Frances Meier


The Family BBQ and Semi-Annual meeting took us to a nice and shady picnic area at the Villa Maria in Stevens Creek County Park . It was a very hot and dry Sunday, unlike the cold and windy weather during the Easter event. Thank goodness for those shaded trees above the picnic tables. It was the perfect place and weather for a picnic on a sunny, warm, and lazy Sunday afternoon.

This is the second event our family attended since we joined the Peninsula Swiss club. The first event was the very cold and very windy Easter event, with friendly faces, delicious Eggs Benedict, and an entertaining Easter bunny. We must say, though, that prefer sitting under the shaded trees in the warm weather, with good food and good conversation.

For the kids, there was a rope hanging from the tree to swing on. There was a huge tree trunk the kids could explore. Of course, a picnic on a hot sunny day would not be complete without water guns to cool each other off. For those more interested in art, there was an arts and crafts table. Peter also offered to educate the kids about the poison oak which were abundant near the picnic area.

MMM, what yummy food! The tri-tip beef was cooked to perfection! I didn’t get to meet the cook, but thanks! My husband thanks you too because he had a few helpings. There were Bratwursts and hotdogs, different kinds of salads, and a whole table full of desserts. Not to mention nice cold drinks hosted by Peter Thoeny’s kids.

We were also impressed with the efficiency of the Semi-Annual Meeting. Monika invited the many people who help to run the Peninsula Swiss Club up to the front to thank them for all their help. Her words were “We couldn’t have done it without you.” We want to thank everyone as well. We felt very welcomed at both events we attended. We met so many nice people, even people who knew our neighbors. We had some very interesting conversations about Myanmar (where I’m originally from). Finally, it’s nice to hear Schwitzerdütsch so that our son continues to speak the language.

THANK YOU, Peninsula Swiss Club!

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