Art Forms Meet The Spirit of Figugegl

by Davina Hurt


“ Kunst isch guet und git e gueti Luune." On February 6, in Mountain View , California , the Swiss Cultural Committee of the United Swiss Societies of Northern California partnered with the Peninsula Swiss Club to hold a cocktail reception preceding the annual fondue dinner showcasing well-accomplished and world renowned Swiss artists living in the Bay Area. Mona Coran displayed photographs of her vibrant art murals dramatically transforming street blocks. She aptly captures the personal and collective voice of San Francisco , as well as the natural setting of her Ticino canton. With influential roots in Bern , Monika Steiner presented abstract oil paintings on wood and canvas with the use of muted and bright strokes of color . Geneva ’s mixed media artist, Sylvie Serex-Bonnet conveys deep and intense feelings with plays on shadow and light in her Mémoires Oubliées collection . Photography made a strong showing with Hans Mauli’s vintage European photographs demonstrating his refined ability to capture the energy of the streets and the expression of characters. His black and white fine art photos are in touch with the passing moments of life in such cities as Aarau, Paris , and San Francisco . Displaying modern trends in graphic design out of Basel and Frankfurt , Juliette Tinnus creates surrealistic scenes with the placement and lighting of everyday items in extraordinary ways. In perfect pairing with these visual artists, Chaskinakuy members, Edmond Badoux from Lausanne and Francy Vidal, performed traditional village sounds of the Andes Mountains with soul stirring instruments. Unfortunately, all good pots of fondue must come to an end. The evening concluded with the ZOFO duet delighting attendees with adaptations of Swiss folklore and chamber music. Twenty fingers synchronized on one piano. This performance was like the joy of finding the last garlic clove swimming in fondue. It was clear from the standing applause that the artist showcase was a success owed to the artists and the organizers- Anna Ralston and Judit van Caenegem. And, more importantly, everyone would leave with the Figugegl spirit and our newly found “Kigugegl” ardour.

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