A Day to Remember 2008

by Christina Ralston (10)


Every year my family looks forward to the winter holidays. The first highlight of all the holiday festivities each year is clearly the PSC Samichlaus at the beginning of December.

This year things went a bit different than usual as we all got together for brunch. There was a large buffet with a variety of fine cheeses, cold cuts, jam and delicious homemade “Zopf” donated by Walter Howald. The desserts everyone brought were absolutely heavenly as well.

As we were waiting for the Samichlaus, some of us kids were playing on the play structure in the park. As always the stone slide was my favorite! After a while, we were called back into the room to sing some traditional Christmas songs. Suddenly, we heard the soft sound of bells and there he was: Samichlaus had come to Sunnyvale again!

Each family got a chance to talk to Samichlaus (a.k.a. Carsten Hoffmann) about the good and bad acts of the past year and some children even played a song for him. As every year, each child received a chocolate advent calendar and a bag filled with small gifts and goodies.

Just as people were about to leave, we were surprised by the arrival of Dieter Hurni and his truck full of snow! Luckily, we came prepared and had brought our gloves, for soon all kids (and some parents too) got involved in a friendly snow ball fight! I hit many and was hit about twice. Some mishaps did occur, but overall everything turned out fine.

Even though the real Christmas has not come yet, I am already looking forward to the Samichlaus 2009. The PSC Samichlaus was truly a day to remember!

pecial thanks to all who organized and contributed to this event. We all appreciate it a great amount. Thank you!


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