PSC Easter Brunch 2008

by Sabrina Oglesbee


What a blessing Easter Sunday was for our family this year. The weather was glorious, the food delicious, and the new friends we met as warm as the weather.

Having just moved to the area last summer from Zurich, my husband, Forrest, and I found that by Christmas time we were more homesick for Zurich than our home of origin, Texas. Since this move was not only a relocation but a repatriation move as well, we have found that though we have returned to our country of origin, we miss our friends and way of life from our most recent home, Switzerland. No one understands what it means to miss Switzerland like the Swiss. So we were so pleased to find out about the Peninsula Swiss Club and to be so warmly welcomed to your events.

At the brunch, we were greeted by Walter and a glass of champagne, which made us feel right at home immediately. Then we were welcomed to sit with new friends and enjoy the excellent Eggs Benedict buffet. The delightful homemade Swiss desserts and candies were a perfect finish for the meal.

After a rousing game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" with the Easter Bunny, played expertly by Sybile Moser, the children searched for goodie bags that were hidden by volunteers during the game. Our twenty-month-old son, Jackson, thought it was very fun to find a bag full of treats in the bushes, especially the chocolate eggs inside. Forrest commented that he hoped Jackson would not begin to inspect the bushes at home expecting to find more treats there, as anything resembling chocolate eggs there would surely not be the same.

Thank you to all who worked behind the scenes, organizing, setting up, and entertaining the adults and children alike to make this such a successful event. We truly felt we had returned to Switzerland for the day as we heard Swiss German spoken around us and had the opportunity to talk with new friends about familiar favorite places in Switzerland and learn of new places to explore here.

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