Byington Wine Tour and Picnic - 2008

by Vera Ninck


Which three things come to your mind when you hear “California” – especially when you are not a permanent resident? Well, I tried it with my husband: “Sun, nature and … wine”. So it was only natural that our family, who currently is on a six-month sabbatical here in the Bay Area, attended the Byington Wine Tour and Picnic that the Peninsula Swiss Club offered on the first weekend in May!

And we were not disappointed! When we first arrived, we had the winery all to ourselves. The kids immediately started to play bocce ball and the adults got ready for the tour of the winery. Louis, our tour guide, explained all the different stages of wine-making to us in great detail. But this trip was obviously not just theoretical. We also got to sample a number of different wines, with each successive wine becoming more promising.

Wine and cheese should not be separated – this is what the owner of “Milk Pail” in Mountain View must have felt when he hand-selected a number of special cheeses for the Peninsula Swiss Club. As a result, we were treated to a wonderful cheese tasting after our wine tour! The speed with which everything disappeared was a clear indication of the fine taste and high quality of the cheeses.

After all the food and wine we enjoyed during our picnic, we needed to move! So, some of us went on a short hike in close-by Castle Rock Park. While the adults were absorbed with chatting, the kids loved to climb around on the rocks. Fortunately, we did not need to call a rescue team to get down any kids who might have lost their courage at the top of the cliffs… but safely brought everyone back to the parking lot!

ur family came home happy and delighted! We thank not only the Byington Winery and Milk Pail for their hospitality and generosity, but also Anna Ralston for the organisation of this wonderful event! What a pity that we will have to leave California this summer to go back to Switzerland!

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