Peninsula Swiss Club Samilchlaus Party

Reported by Family Gianotti



We moved here in January 2006. So this is our first Samichlaus(Santa) abroad. The PSC set up the Samichlaus party in a nice room in the park in Sunnyvale . Everybody came in time for Santa. You do not want to be late and get in trouble with Santa. There was coffee, tea, some great home made cakes and some cookies. Nice table decoration with Nüssli and Mandarines.Our older daughter which is 4.5 years, has this big thing going on with Samichlaus.. Since our last Samichlaus was in Switzerland , where she met Samichlaus with a big bag and Schmutzli as helper, and then also learned what happens to naughty kids!!!. So she and some other kids were very nervous about Samichlaus coming.

First we sang some Christmas songs with Walter, Maya Giger and Heidi Goetschi singing on the microphone and Valerie Lenz playing the keyboard. Finally Samichlaus came in and when my daughter saw there was no bag and no Schmutzli she was in a much better mude.

So every family then went up to Santa. Out of his big book he spoke to every kid, the older ones were playing along for the smaller siblings, and the little ones hanged on to mami or daddy. But most of them had red cheeks going up to him. Some kids were actually saying a poem or bringing a drawing and a little boy even played on the violin. Every kid then received a little bag with fun stuff from Samichlaus.

When everything came to end, Dieter Hurni showed up with his Pick up car filled with snow. Yes snow!! So finally Winter came to Sunnyvale !!

He got it actually from the ice field. The idea was to build a big snow man.They tried to tell the kids not to touch it .But as soon he emptied the white surprise onto the parking lot, the kids were all over it. It is probably like putting candies in front of them and tell them not to touch it.

But anyway, they loved the snow and you also could see some little snowman being build, but everybody ended up having cold hands and a lot of fun.

A big thank you for Monika Ryser and Samichlaus.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank for all the fun events we could join through out the year and a special thanks to all the helpers, which made it happen!

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