Peninsula Swiss Club Metzgete

Reported by Markus Benzenhofer, Adrian Gantenbein and Chris Marolf


On November 4, 2006 , the Peninsula Swiss Club hosted the traditional “Metzgete” or “Schlachtfest“ or “Butcher’s Party”. People sure show up on time when they know there are sausages for dinner! We got there at 6:03 pm , and the Masonic Hall in Mountain View looked like it was half-full already. Within a few more minutes, there were what looked and sounded like several hundred people. We had some time to settle in, get the table stocked with beverages, and introduce ourselves to everyone.

It is always amazing to see how much effort goes into making these events a success, and this night was no different. Some of these efforts go on behind the scene, but in this case most of it was plainly visible: loads of Sauerkraut, blood and liver sausages and the associated trimmings, all prepared under the direction of Joe Ott and Heidi Goetschi with their kitchen crew. The food tasted excellent and was on par with a Metzgete in Switzerland , as visitors from Switzerland at our table were able to confirm.

Once everyone was fed, it was time to open the windows and get the music started. The live “Edelweiss” band was live indeed and seemed to appeal to all generations alike. The Alphorn was a great attraction for the kids, as were the subsequent and familiar tunes to the adults. It was amazing to see how many young and older people danced with so much energy after such a filling dinner.

After desert, it was time for the Tombola organized by Claudio Bui. There were plenty of interesting prizes, but even though we hoped our kids would pull the winning tickets out of the box, we struck out. Oh well, we will do better next year! Do we have to wait a whole year for another helping of blood and liver sausages??? Thanks again to everyone who helped make this evening a success. We really enjoyed ourselves.

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