Peninsula Swiss Club Fondue Night 2006

by Barbara Attinger


Well, five more days to go until the Fondue dinner, and five more late reservations. I hope we can still fit them in; we’re reaching out capacity limit again this year, which is – I guess – a sign for the continuous success of this event. This year, I am in charge of the salad. “Just get some greens at Costco, and maybe add some color”. Sounds easy. Although, how much do I need? I will have to call Heidi, our Vice President, who knows these things. And for the color, I will get some grape tomatoes for decoration. The dressing turned out to be a little challenge as well: the biggest pre-made dressings were just ¼ gallon each, and way too expensive. Looks like I will have to make the dressing myself. Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and lots of herbs. “Don’t make it too spicy”, my husband says, “not everyone likes it the way you do!” All right, got it.

The day has finally arrived. My trunk is loaded with salad and the dressing and I am arriving at the Masonic Lodge in Mountain View around 3 pm; 3 hours to go. The tables and chairs are already up and numerous busy helpers are working on a variety of tasks: fold napkins, cover the tables with paper, hang up the flags, set up the dia-show, prepare food and drinks, clean the kitchen (yes indeed: Mares Buehler makes sure that everything is clean before they started cooking; thank you Mares!).

I help setting the tables, put the Tortilla chips and the salsa on the tables, fold napkins – and the time goes by very quickly. Angela has arrived with the name tags! Good. Time to set up the “arrival desk”.

Shortly before 6 pm , our first guests arrive. Mostly familiar faces and finally, after more than two years, I also start remembering their names. Everyone is excited and anxious to find a spot in the nicely decorated hall.

Walter, our President, comes out and says he needs an additional table. Uh, uh…are we running out of space? “No, we’re fine”. Good.

Once everyone has checked in, I am able to sit next to my family and also enjoy the evening. The Fondue tastes great, as usual, and the crowded hall adds to the good atmosphere of the evening, topped with Swiss wine, accordion tunes and lots of Schwyzerduetsch chatting in the background. Thanks to all the helpers who made it happen again and all the guests that enjoyed this wonderful evening!



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