Peninsula Swiss Club Metzgete

Reported by Martin Eckert

The last chairs are being put away into the storage room, the flags of the Swiss cantons are taken down from the walls and boxes of equipment are being carried out to the vans to be put into storage until the next PSC event. A very successful event has come to an end. For the helpers and organizers, it has been a long day. For most of the day, they have been setting up and decorating the Masonic Hall and most importantly of course cooking up a storm for the enjoyment of dozens yet to come.

The Masonic Hall filled up quickly around the time of the official beginning of the festivities, and within a short time, the roughly 190 people were catching up with one another on highlights of the last months since the last get-together.

For me and my family, who now have been part of the Peninsula Swiss Club for about three years, this was the first time we actually made it to this annual Metzgete. The excitement of our children was great because they would see some of their friends again that they have become fond of over the years.

When the food started to be served, the line of members waiting for their turn of a piece of traditional Swiss style meat quickly wrapped around the room. As the delicious scents of the food filled the room, the thought of the “Rippli”, sausages, sauerkraut, and potatoes made my mouth water and waiting became a little of a torture. Even now, just thinking about the food makes me wish I could stand in line again.

Tony Raymann and his Edelweiss Band helped to perfect the evening as well. My personal favorite was when they brought out the Alphorn and played musical pieces with the trumpet at the opposite end of the room playing the echo to the alphorn’s tune.

Thanks to all the organizers and helpers, who have made this event a total success. Now there are only 12 months left to the next evening filled with the best sausages, Swiss wine, music and dance, tombola with great prices and a big hall full of good friends.

See you all at the 2006 Metzgete!

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