PSC Easter in the Park 2005

by Noah Benzenhofer



My name is Noah Benzenhofer. I just had my first birthday and recently joined the Swiss Club. On Easter Sunday my parents drove me to the De Anza park for the PSC Easter Event. It was my first real Easter and it turned out to be a great day – lots of good food, nice people and plenty of kids to run around with…or in my case, crawl around with.

The wind was blowing very hard (but at least there was no rain) - I remember because you could not miss the great, big Swiss flag waving around in the sky. I also remember because my Mom made me wear a ski hat. Geez Mom, we’re in California !

The picnic area was beautifully decorated with tablecloths and nice flowers and plants. I wasn’t really tall enough to see it on my own but my Mom kept raving about how nice it looked. We started the morning at the champagne bar. Me and my Dad hung out there for a while and greeted everyone. I think we were also helping to keep the bar in place so it wouldn’t get whisked away by the wind!

Later, my Dad took me over to see the big BBQ pit. They were busy as bee’s in that corner working hard to make a great brunch! Aprons were on tight, steam was swirling up from the big pots and the grill was piping hot and ready for the crisp muffins. Mom made me eat my banana first but those Eggs Benedict sure were a big hit! Berry fruit salad and plenty of other delicious desserts, including a fabulous chocolate cake topped it all off. But the best part was yet to come…

The EASTER BUNNY visited us!! There were so many kids everywhere. We formed a long line and followed the big white bunny to a large green field. Everyone made a huge circle around the Easter Bunny and played games. It was so fun to watch everyone but I can’t wait until I can run around with the other kids too!

Then we all hustled over to the other side of the park and hunted for our Easter baskets. My basket of goodies was behind a tree – candy, cookies, eggs, a stuffed animal, bubbles, and a story book. Oh, it was fabulous! I couldn’t wait to see what the others got too!

With my face covered in chocolate and cookies and soapy bubbles all over my hands, I was exhausted! The wind had died down and the sky started to darken with the onset of sprinkles. The cleanup crews were bustling about and slowly, my 2005 Easter Day came to an end.

Thanks to all the PSC volunteers for making my Easter so special and so fun! I am looking forward to the next one!



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