Peninsula Swiss Club All Generations Picnic 2005

by Anita and Daniele Gozzi


We arrived early at Vasona Park on this beautiful and warm Sunday for the All Generation Picnic and Games. All helpers were busy setting up the games, the gazebos (imagine an engineer, Walter, and an architect, Daniele, setting up the sunshade structure together…), and starting up the fireplace for a great barbecue afternoon. Our kids (Benji, Alessandra, and Manuel) also wanted to help to set up the gazebo tents. Some of the early birds had a chance to hike before the BBQ started.

The sun was shining from the blue sky (it was about time since the winter and spring had been exceptionally wet this year). Then it was time to start. Walter made an announcement and invited everybody to bring their sausages, meats, vegetables, and marshmallows to the fireplace. Everybody enjoyed a delicious picnic and barbeque in the hot sun.

Later it was time to start the fun games. Six game stations were set up. All participants received a game passport that had to be completed with stamps. The first station was a memory game. This was quite a challenge and more difficult than we thought. The kids had to remember about ten animal rows with different numbers of animals. The adults had to memorize 40 items, such as knife, book, glasses, that were kept hidden under a blanket and could be seen for only 60 seconds. To Daniele’s surprise, he won that game, and so did Benji. The second game station was rope jumping. We had to test our fitness level with a full stomach. I saw a young girl who jumped 160 times in one minute. Wow!

The third game station was soccer. It was quite fun for young and old to test their soccer skills. All had to kick the ball into a particular spot in the net to receive points. Gunnysack racing, the fourth station, was next. Some younger guys were unbelievable fast (some thanks to the fact that they ran instead of jumping). We had a good laugh at this station. It was hilarious to watch the kids and adults hop in these canvas sacks, fall and get up again, jump and roll over. The winner must have been a grasshopper in his former life.

The fifth station was the tin tumble. Especially the kids could not get enough throwing the ball at the tin tower and watching it tumble down over and over. The last and sweetest station, number six, was the chocolate tasting. The tasting was tricky—even for Swiss chocolate experts. Eight different sorts of chocolate were to be tasted. We had to write down the right brand. I heard that the average was only three right guesses. That tells you how difficult it was! Walter, the president, won this game and admitted his love for chocolate.

At the end, Walter thanked everybody for coming and participating. Some lucky guys took a price (or more) home. We all had a wonderful and fun day we will not forget for quite some time. Time passed by so fast!

We are looking forward to the next event and are proud to be members of the Peninsula Swiss Club.


Anita and Daniele

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