Peninsula Swiss Club "WALDFEST" 2004  
Reported by Romain Giger

Can you name a better place or a more beautiful setting for a Waldfest than the redwood grove in Sanborn Park? We were late for the hike, so I can't say much about it. There were two people who came back early I noticed. The first said he missed the trail and the second mentioned that the trail around the earth slide was too steep for her. At our arrival we were greeted by Dieter Hurni and Valerie Lenz. As always, the place was decorated with flags of our Cantons, real pretty. Dieter was busy trying to get the charcoal lit in the pit. It was not an easy task. Later he got lots of help from the children present who collected branches and wood pieces to start a fire over the charcoal to expedite the setup of the grill. By the time the hikers arrived the grill was ready and soon it was covered with Bratwurst, steaks, chicken and green pepper shish kebab. Dieter needs an extra "thank you" for the work and effort he put in. Heidi Price had a birthday and we all joined in, in singing "happy birthday to you". Thank you for the delicious chocolate cake. Soon Walter Gyger took out his guitar and started strumming some old tunes. A little circle formed for a sing along. Thank you Maria Altorfer, Anny Biaggi, Heidi Goetschi and Valerie Lenz for entertaining us. Altogether it was a very pleasant day, a little on the cool side but never the less a very nice day. Thank you all for coming out and a special thank you to the people who made it happen.

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