All Generation Picnic
May 16, 2004
Reported by Michael Gluckman

I'm glad that Marilyn Hastler invited us to the All Generation Picnic at Vasona Park in Los Gatos. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in May and, after getting lost, we arrived around noon at the Circle Group Area. We knew that we finally found the right place when we saw the "CH" on many of the license plates in the parking lot. Although it was warm, we were able to lift the picnic table and put it in the shade. The cool breeze in the shade made it a perfect day.

We enjoyed having lunch with Al and Marilyn Hasler, and Trudy and Ernst Welti. I learned a lot about Switzerland especially Zurich. I find that the more I hear about Swiss culture and music and dance the more I appreciate all Swiss things - including my Swiss wife, Brigit Ananya. I also enjoyed the tasty Swiss treats, including all of the deserts and I learned a lot from Peter Thoeny about how to set up a BBQ.

After lunch Al, Brigit and I started with the games. Our first game was Swiss cards called Ciao Sepp. I have to admit that I got thoroughly beat by the children I was playing with. Then we tried the sack races. That's where you put both legs in a sack and hop around the course. This is the race where I beat my wife.

Then we tried the cow milking contest. This was my favorite game. It was put together by Monika Ryser. The utter of the cow was a rubber surgical glove attached to the picture of a cow. You had to make the milk go through this glove. Whoever could get the most milk out of the cow won. We kicked a soccer ball, tested our knowledge of Swiss sausages and, hardest of all for me, was the memory test where we had to write down all of the items that we saw for 30 seconds.

At the end, prizes were given and we spent a least an hour saying good bye, after a wonderful day. I just would like to thank Walter Gyger and everyone else who helped put the All Generation Picnic together.

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