Fondue Aabig
Reported by Walter Weber

After visiting a Metzgete and a few other social events organized by the Peninsula Swiss Club we looked forward to the Fondue Aabig.

There were already quite a lot of people milling around and greeting each other when we arrived at the Masonic Hall at 6 PM. From small kids to advanced age there seemed to be every age group present. I was happy to see and greet folks I haven't seen for a year or longer.

The tables were ready and everyone started to look for a place to sit. After a few announcements over the PA system the food was brought out. It started with a plate of salad and then plates of bread cubes were passed down along the tables. It seemed that every group or family brought their own Fondue forks, Fondue pot and burner. The Fondue was served to each group from a larger pot at a centrally located table. Wine and soft drinks could be purchased in the same area. Our guests loved the Fendant wine. The atmosphere was gemütlich, the food delicious and plentiful and all started to eat, talk and joke. After the Fondue there was dessert in form of a fruit salad and pound cake. The kids got balloons to play with and the South Bay Stompers played Dixieland jazz throughout the dinner.

Another highlight was the playing of the Alphorn by Monika Ryser and the Thalerschwingen by Pascal Gyger. This was the first time I saw that done in or outside Switzerland. Heidi Goetschi entertained us with the Schwyzeroergeli and Heidi Moser with the spoons. Much to the delight of all we even had a bell ringer, that is Karl Hofmann ringing the cowbells. We have enjoyed ourselves very much indeed and it seemed everyone else did likewise.

To all that worked on this event a grateful THANK YOU for the marvelous organization, the skillful cooking, the happy music and the many unseen chores that go along with an event like this.

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