PSC Easter in the Park 2004

Reported by Jim Gilbert


The Peninsula Swiss Club's annual Easter Brunch was once again held at DeAnza Park in Sunnyvale, on Sunday, April 11th. The day started out very overcast, but by late morning, the sun had come out and we were blessed with a beautiful day. One of the great things about the PSC Easter event is how it not only pulls together the regular participants, but it attracts many new members. Attendance was large this year and it was nice to see so many familiar faces and to meet many new people.

With amazing year-over-year consistency, the BBQ brunch was again cooked to perfection. The tables were decorated with tablecloths and flowering plants and the opening course of chips and salsa was waiting when we arrived. The festivities were kicked off with a glass of champagne, greetings with our friends, and then off we went to the playground. Later, when the food was ready and announced, the line for Eggs Benedict, hot dogs, and fruit salad was kept moving by the well-practiced hands of the cooks and servers. The crew wasn't content to serve everyone once, but held on to serve seconds to those who could still had room for more.

We had a particularly energetic girl bunny that visited our event this year as well as a lot of pretty energetic children! Our bunny led the children for a series of circle games and then led them over to search for Easter baskets. I recall seeing the bunny running for her life across the field (with her blond ponytail flying behind her) and a swarm of children chasing after her. There were some spectacular tackles that would have amazed the NFL, but they were coupled with giggling and laughter. The baskets were again filled with a large array of goodies for the children. As our children return year after year, the bunny games and baskets hold less importance to them, and in its place is the reward of getting together in a place of friendship and kindred spirit… and let us not forget the ice cream truck.

On behalf of all who attended this year's Brunch, let us thank the club's many volunteers, organizers, and chefs. These people, along with those who provided the many delicious desserts and table plants, make the PSC Easter event one of the club's best events. Thank those of you who arrived early to set up and stayed late to pack everything up for next year!

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