Metzgete 2003
Reported by Hans Coaz

The beginning of Wintertime in the "Old Country" always ushered in mother's cooking of the "Blut und Leberwürste", (the blood and liver sausages). Old timers, do you remember, coming in from the cold and snow to the smell of the steaming sausages with the trimmings, waiting on the kitchen table?
The same scent brought back old memories as I entered the Masonic Hall last night to attend the now traditional Metzgete Dinner in Mountain View.

By the time the first guests arrived, Chef Joe Ott and his crew had the kitchen pots steaming. The festive dinner tables, the beautiful "Heimatland" decorations - everything was in place and ready for the diners.
And arrive they did. Soon, more tables and chairs were needed to accommodate the 200 + Metzgete celebrants.
As usual, a chat with friends, a glass of wine, time to admire the very new "Swiss" baby newcomers helped to settle down the packed hall.
Then the food line was organized and without delay we were able to taste the famous sausages, the rippli and schüblig, the sauerkraut, the potatoes, the apple slices.
And all tasted so good!

Tony Raymann and his Edelweiss Band started playing and singing at the same time, slowing down my table talk while busy with eating. Those melodies - right out of my wife Heidy's accordions (50 year old) play sheets They sure were touching my nostalgic/sentimental nerve. Great tunes!
The Tombola Ticket Sale was brisk, the stage rim was lined with over 180 prizes, many of them donated. President Walter Gyger and his helpers deserve a big thank-you, for the Tombola netted over $ 800. There were many lucky winners with smiling faces to be seen.

Later, as café and cake was served, the young and old Swingers could not sit still and were eager to test their dancing skills. The kids, if not yet asleep, tried hard to keep up with the strange tunes and beats from the "Old Country".

I'm always impressed, how all those events, the Metzgete, the Fondue Nights are organized and executed skillfully and with real admiration to our Swiss Homeland. I'm sure, this can be said of all the other events of the Peninsula Swiss Club. All those helpers deserve a big thank-you. Heidy and I enjoyed this Metzgete evening very much and we had a marvelous time.

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