General Meeting November 17, 2001
Reported by Ulrich Kaempf

Forty members attended the 2001 General meeting. In her opening statement, Heidi Goetschi commented on an other successful year for the club, and expressed her thanks to the many volunteers who have helped with the events. Heidi read thank-you notes from the Swiss Benevolent Society for our donation, and a note from Pat Kaspar, expressing her thanks for the sympathies shown by the club in the death of her husband Hans. We held a moment of silence in memory of Hans. Valerie Lenz submitted the candidacies of Walter Gyger as the new president, Heidi Goetschi as the new vice president and Andre Hary as auditor. Ulrich Kaempf resigned as the newsletter editor, and the search for a replacement is still in progress. All other committee members agreed to serve in their current position for an other year. All nominations have been approved unanimously, as well as a motion from the floor to elect Heidi as a honorary member. Angela Ott reported that the current membership consists of 138 families and 31 singles. Claude Moser presented the financial statement for 2001, through November 14. On the humorous side, Maya Gyger presented candy bars and other condiments with brand names commensurate with the job of the committee members. As an example, Rato Buhler, who jumps into action when needed, earned a stick of Life Savers. At least, nobody ended up with nut cake. Members filled out Event questionnaires, like the one attached. Based on these, and the returns we receive prior to December 11, the committee will determine the events for the year 2002.

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