Mission Statement  

Based on our bylaws, the purpose of the Peninsula Swiss Club is, "to offer social gatherings where Swiss citizens and friends of Switzerland can congregate and foster friendly relations and good understanding between the USA and Switzerland in the best traditions of both countries. The club assists parents in upholding the Swiss heritage amongst their children."

Swiss Traditions in the Bay Area

The activities of the Peninsula Swiss Club are family oriented. Children born in the USA learn about the heritage of their parents and grandparents, taste traditional Swiss food and experience traditional events like the "Samichlaus", Easter Egghunt and the "Lampion" parade at the August 1st Party. In addition for longtime residents as well as for new immigrants, events like the Fondue Dinner and the Metzgete bring back memories of Switzerland.

How did it all start? Interested in learning more about the Peninsula Swiss Club? Click here to an article about the PSC Beginnings.

The PSC Committee for the Year 2017

Our club committee of 13 volunteers is open to every member through nomination and election. The club's affairs are reported and voted on at the annual general meeting and the semiannual meeting. Together with ten other local Swiss clubs, we are a member of the United Swiss Societies of Northern California.

Presidents: Sandra Scanferla Eidam
Vice President: Maya Schleicher
Secretary: Barbara Schicker
Membership Chairperson: Maya Gyger
Program Chairperson: Monika Ryser
Asst. Program Chairperson: Irma Stalder
Event Photographer: Peter Thoeny
Treasurer: Monika LaGrill
Sound Technician: Walter Gyger
Editor: Denise Arnold
Assistant Editor: Nadia Kurmann
1st Delegate to USSNC: Anna Ralston
2nd Delegate to USSNC: Erich Sonnberger
Webmaster: Claudio Bui
Nominating Committee: Theresa Bui


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